Meet the Band

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Kyle Bowman – Percussion


Kyle has been drumming since 6th grade and brings his passion for music and enthusiasm to RHD. Kyle started out as a rock drummer but has fallen in love with country music and were glad to have him on board.








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John Douglass – Bass / Keyboards / vocals


A ‘70s progressive rock nerd at heart, the last thing John ever expected was to end up in a country band. After finally accepting the harsh reality that the 20 minute song is just not welcome in these parts he has lovingly embraced the country way… as long as we let him sneak in a synth part every now and then.









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Ryan Scully – Rhythm guitar / vocals


Ryan is no stranger to the Madison Music scene. He brings his passion of country music and a solid background of performing with other area musicians.









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Kevin Liedl – vocals


Kevin is our country “bandwagon” pulling us back on when other members of the band jump off during rehearsal. Don’t let the soft-spoken, dreamy-eyed exterior fool you. Put a mic in his hand and it changes everything. Someday he may teach us all how to line dance.








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Ryan Jennings – Lead / Rhythm guitar


Ryan brings a good ear and an attention to detail to his guitar playing that is a much-welcomed addition to the band. He also gets extra credit for good behavior. So far.